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"Ibiza Sundowner Presented By José Padilla"



EMI International

Jose Padilla, the legendary DJ presents the Caf del Mar, Ibiza Sundowner. This compilation brings together the spiritual father of the best chill-out Ibiza sound. So a mix of different musical styles, an eclectic collection of many rare recordings of Collector Editions and bossa nova from Brazil, and contemporary electronic music. By the "Helios" is also an exclusive track from his new album to be found Jose Padilla says: "This is a wonderful compilation. What I want to accomplish with this CD, is to revive the spirit, which I then was able to reach the Caf Del Mar plates. A CD today you can hear tomorrow or in five years - simply timeless!


01. Lazar Cezar - Fri1911

02. Silent Poets - There’s Always Meaning In The Tone

03. Jose Padilla - Ocean Drum

04. Commodity Place - Chenini

05. Chris Zippel - Voyage To Arcturus

06. Seigen Ono - Julia

07. The Analog Roland Orchestra - 1948

08. Robert Glasper - Smells Like Teen Spirit

09. Lems - Siki (Tsunenori Remix)

10. Ino Hidefumi - Spartacus

11. Cro-Magnon - Fading Eco Dub

12. Peter Broderick - Solace In Gala



01. Joaquin Joe Claussell - Omamiuda

02. Antonio Adolfo - Noticias do Verao

03. Nobuyuki Nakajima - Thinking Of You (NN’s Dreamy Mix)

04. Craig Armstrong - Starless II

05. Space Dimension Controller - Kaleidoscopic Ecstasy

06. Portico Quartet - Ruins

07. Mich Gerber - Zumurud

08. Finis Africae - El Secreto de las 12

09. Kroke - Usual Happiness

10. Jose Padilla feat. Kirsty Keatch - Helios

11. Ada - Likely (Instrumental)

12. Adem - God Only Knows

13. Villa Nah - Time For Tea

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